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Precious metals such as gold are manufactured in different karats of gold and colors such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold. The gold value or precious metal value is determined on whether the piece of jewelry is plated, gold filled or real gold. Begin by inspecting the piece closely to see if it has any discoloration or worn spots that shows another color under the gold or fading.

Helpful Hints:
Step 1. Look for a Stamp.
A stamp maybe very small is usually located on the inside of the ring or on the clasp on a necklace or bracelet. A simple magnifying glass will help you to identify the mark more clearly. Examples of jewelry that is not real or fake use stamps that say GF which is gold filled, GP gold plated, HGE Heavy gold electroplated. Real gold jewelry in most cases are stamped 10k (.417), 14k (.585), 18k (.750), 22k (.916) or 24K.

Step 2. The Magnet Test.
Real gold is not magnetic, so if the piece of jewelry attaches to the magnet it is not real gold.

Step 3. Using a Ceramic Plate To Test Gold
Simply scrape the ring or piece of jewelry against the plate leaving a line. If the line appears black item is not real gold and is plated or not real.
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