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If you are looking to sell your estate jewelry or Antique jewelry it is important to know the difference between both types. Estate jewelry or Antique jewelry simply means that it is used or pre-owned jewelry. The jewelry could of been purchased recently or years ago and the jewelry belonged to someone else or was inherited and it is part of their total estate. Selling antique jewelry for the best price are pieces that are at least 100 years old. Antique jewelry can be from different periods of time such as the Georgina era, the Victorian era, the Nouveau era, the Edwardian era, and the well known Art Deco era. When you are selling Vintage jewelry is another type or jewelry which is at least 20 years old. We also buy all vintage and estate jewelry and vintage engagement rings. Selling Tiffany engagement rings will always bring a premium and sell well in the second hand market. South Bay Coin buys fine jewelry from famous jewelry design houses including Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Tiffany, Boucheron, Buccellati, Georg Jenson, Davis Webb, Bvagari, and other high end jewelry companies. Immediate cash is paid for Art Deco picture frames, music boxes, presentation boxes,and tiaras, etc. If you are trying to find the value of your estate jewelry or believe you may have something of value or “looking to sell estate jewelry, ”sell my estate jewelry”, or selling estate jewelry” or wondering “ how to sell estate jewelry” choose South Bay Coin the most trusted as well as the best place to sell estate jewelry. We pay the highest price possible because we place the pieces to private buyers and investors who collect them and are willing to pay more. This enables us to pay more than our competitors by far. Take advantage or our free no-obligation evaluation and leave the rest to us. If you have any questions please call us at (310) 363-7808 we are glad to assist you.

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Upon acceptance of our offer immediate cash is paid. If you prefer a company check or bank wire is an option.

Estate Jewelry Buyer Near Me

When the time has come to sell your jewelry our process is simple, straightforward and private. Our in house jewelry appraisers have the expertise and current market knowledge to secure the best price for your pre-owned jewelry, estate jewelry or antique jewelry pieces. When you are searching “looking to sell my estate jewelry” it would be helpful to know the definition of estate jewelry. It is defined as jewelry that is pre-owned by someone else or a member of your family. Can also be known as the property of a deceased person and is part of their estate. South Bay Coin is also looking to buy jewelry from all eras so if you are interested in selling your Art Deco jewelry, Edwardian Jewelry, Georgian Jewelry, Retro, Jewelry, Art Nouveau and fine contemporary jewelry give us a call. We welcome phone calls and are available by appointment. Call (310) 363-7808 for more info. So if you are looking for the best value for your jewelry, estate jewelry or antique jewelry we promise to offer you an honest and fair cash offer on the jewelry pieces you wish to sell. Each and every piece will be examined individually for its authenticity, metal content, origin,and the maker.

Sell Vintage Jewelry In Los Angeles

Selling Vintage Jewelry for the best price you need a company that specializes in purchasing and recognizing the value of your Vintage or Estate jewelry pieces. Do not Pawn or use a Pawn Shop to evaluate your jewelry, use a licensed dealer to sell your jewelry. With over 30 years of combined fine jewelry buying experience South Bay Coin of Los Angeles will at no charge offer you the best price possible for your Vintage jewelry. We will buy one piece or an entire estate. We work closely with estate attorneys, trustees, and charities and families to make the selling experience seamless. Take a look below to help you identify your pieces. Immediate payment is made on all transactions for payment as you may choose. You are welcome to get a FREE no-obligation quote today and find a better use for your money than jewelry that is unwanted and not worn. We would love to buy your jewelry items.

Sell Vintage Designer Jewelry In Los Angeles

Van Cleef & Apels, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, David Webb, Faberge, Bvlgari, Buccelatti, Harry Winston, Schlumberger, Asprey, Boucheron, Caldwell, Chanel, Chaumet, Christopher Dresser, Fouquet, Garrard, Georg Jensen, Hector Aguilar, Liberty & Co, Marcus & Co, Oscar Hayman Bros, Seaman Schepps, Shreve & Co, Shreve Crump & Low, Raymond Yard, Rene Lalique

Where To Sell Antique Jewelry In Los Angeles

South Bay Coin is the most trusted gold buyer in Los Angeles. For over 40 years our in-house gold buying experts have redefined the cash for gold customer selling experience. You can sell your gold to a State licensed established business to ensure a safe, secure, confidential transaction. The price of gold today has risen to some of the highest prices in history making it a great time to receive the highest gold value possible. We are proud to be the first to grant the ability to sell directly to the gold refiner so our customers get the best price for their gold jewelry. Turn your unwanted gold jewelry, chains, rings, bracelets, silver and gold coins to the largest gold buyer in Los Angeles. Don’t mail your gold items to an online gold buyer and wait for a check or bank wire when you can get immediate cash on the spot today. Bottom line is we pay more because we can and will. Free no-obligation quote for all customers looking to sell their jewelry or luxury watches. Our Jewelry Exchange will base the prices on the current price of gold today using our gold calculator to determine the highest gold value.

Georgian Era Jewelry (1714-1837)

Georgian Jewelry is from the early 1800s and is named after English King Georges I-IV. Mostly made in 18 karat gold and known for it floral and scroll motifs. Styles change and when the time has come to sell your Georgian jewelry or estate jewelry for best price. Your always welcome to call and we will be glad to answer any

Victorian Era Jewelry (1837-1901)

To sell Victorian jewelry would be jewelry covering the period between 1837-1901, named after Queen Victoria. Using electic design of motifs, birds, flowers, hearts and snakes. Known for lavish diamond studded pieces and gemstones like sea pearls, turquoise and coral. If you would like more information on selling your Victorian Jewelry please call us.

Art Nouveau Era Jewelry (1890-1910)

Art Nouveau Jewelry is considered as new style of art and was designed to showcase the diamond. We are a used jewelry buyer and are committed to paying the highest price for your old jewelry and unwanted jewelry. When selling your Art Nouveau jewelry for extra cash or selling jewelry from an estate we will guide you threw the process to be sure you get the exact value of your jewelry. If you would like more information on selling your Art Nouveau Jewelry please call us at the number below.

Edwardian Era Jewelry (1901-1915)

Edwardian Jewelry designers use filigree and diamond techniques to express a elegant and lacy graceful look. Most of the jewelry is made with platinum and diamonds. We will buy Edwardian Jewelry or Antique diamond jewelry for immediate cash and will offer you fair market value when you are looking to sell your jewelry. If you would like more information on selling your Edwardian Jewelry please call us at the number below.

Art Deco Era Jewelry (1920-1945)

Art Deco style began in Paris in the early years of 1920. It became popular after World War II . If you are interested in selling Art Deco jewelry for the best price? We buy Art Deco bracelets, earrings, necklaces, engagement rings, and gold watches. We are Art Deco jewelry buyers and the best place to sell Art Deco jewelry. If you would like more information on selling your Art Deco Jewelry please call us at the number below.

Retro Era Jewelry (1939-1950)

Retro Jewelry refers to pieces of jewelry created in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Most of it being made in gold jewelry and sterling silver. Selling Vintage Jewelry or to sell Estate Jewelry can be an emotional decision and requires knowledge, experience, to insure you are getting the best price and highest value for your used jewelry or pre-owned jewelry. If you would like more information on selling your Retro Jewelry please call us.

Sell Estate Jewelry

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