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      Call us and request convenient date and time. Walk-in are always welcome.

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      After carefully verifying your items for karat you will be offered the best price for your gold jewelry.

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      Went there today, good was weighed in front of me. Got a very fair offer. Very friendly service. I will definitely be back
      shane p
      I sold my Rolex Daytona to South Bay Coin because they paid the best price. They offer free shipping and insurance and was wired the money the same day the watch arrived. I highly recommend you check out South Bay Coin when you have a Rolex to sell.
      Lorenzo S.
      Best place to sell a Rolex Watch. The price I got for my Rolex Daytona was higher than I was offered anywhere else. The fastest and easiest way to sell a watch for immediate payment! Highly recommended.
      ricardo G.
      I had a Cartier love bracelet from a past relationship that I no longer wanted. I contacted South Bay Coin and they were very professional on the phone and said I could use their mail in service since I live in Connecticut. They gave me a great price and I got the money the same day that they... received my bracelet. Thanks guys are the best!!!!read more
      L J


      South Bay Coin is the most trusted gold buyer in Los Angeles. For over 40 years our in-house gold buying experts have redefined the cash for gold customer selling experience. You can sell your gold to a State licensed established business to ensure a safe, secure, confidential transaction. The price of gold today has risen to some of the highest prices in history making it a great time to receive the highest gold value possible. We are proud to be the first to grant the ability to sell directly to the gold refiner so our customers get the best price for their gold jewelry. Turn your unwanted gold jewelry, chains, rings, bracelets, silver and gold coins to the largest gold buyer in Los Angeles. Don’t mail your gold items to an online gold buyer and wait for a check or bank wire when you can get immediate cash on the spot today. Bottom line is we pay more because we can and will. Free no-obligation quote for all customers looking to sell their jewelry or luxury watches. Our Jewelry Exchange will base the prices on the current price of gold today using our gold calculator to determine the highest gold value.


      Our company will make the selling your gold process a comfortable and hassle free transaction. One of our on site jewelry appraisers will carefully test each piece to determine the karat whether its 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24 karat. Then, we will weigh all pieces according to karat and value the gold price today according to the gold spot price. We are able to pay a higher price than our competitors because we refine the gold ourselves. This cuts out the middleman allowing us to pay you more money. Sell your gold in Los Angeles today for immediate cash. We a licensed, bonded and insured. So, if you are looking for a cash for gold buyer near me location, please call or visit us today and sell jewelry to a trusted established business. We also buy sterling silver, gold coins, silver coins, designer jewelry, and all model Rolex watches.

      Contact South Bay Coin today to sell gold jewelry and gold watches. Immediate payments are made in cash, company check, or bank wire.
      Call (310) 363-7808 for a Free Quote


      Sell your gold directly to South Bay Gold Buyers and Coin Shop, the number one gold dealer and gold buyer is just one way to ensure our customers to get the best price for their gold jewelry. By owning our own refinery means that there is no middleman like other cash for gold places or pawn shops which guarantees that we will beat any price that you are offered. Our experienced gold buying team will guide you through the gold and silver selling process when the time has come to sell gold jewelry. South Bay Coin Cash For Gold Buyers has been around in the same location for decades building a solid reputation for trust and superior customer service. Our refinery is an experienced gold dealer and is interested in buying other precious metals such as silver and platinum. Avoid selling to a jewelry store or pawn shop because they buy for less and need to make a higher profit because they wait for a customer to resell it to. Sell your Gold to the South Bay Gold Buyers and receive immediate cash on the spot. We will buy one piece or an entire estate. Cash your scrap gold in today, no amount is too small or too large. Join our list of many satisfied customers. If you looking to sell your gold jewelry near me or have any questions please call (310) 363-7808.


      We buy gold and gold jewelry in Los Angeles of all types regardless of its karat grade, color or condition. We pay cash for yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, pink gold, dental gold, and white gold. If you are not sure of your gold’s karat please bring it in so our team can do the proper testing to determine the exact karat. After the karat is evaluated your gold will be weighed in front of you for your review and a price will be given. This will also insure you the highest gold value. A detailed list of the most common items gold is made of is listed below. Visit our Gold Exchange in Los Angeles today!


      • Gold Bracelets
      • Gold Broken Jewelry
      • Gold Watches
      • Gold School Rings
      • Gold Pocket Watches
      • Gold Medals
      • Gold Cufflinks
      • Gold Charms
      • Gold Charm Bracelets
      • Gold Lockets
      • Gold Earrings
      • Gold Pendants
      • Gold Chains
      • Gold Necklaces
      • Gold Scrap
      • Gold Bangle Bracelets
      • Gold Rings
      • Gold Wedding Bands
      • Gold Nugget Chains
      • Gold Nugget Rings
      • Gold Nugget Jewelry
      • Gold Nugget Bracelets
      • Gold Men’s Nugget
      • Gold Masonic Jewelry
      • Gold Tie Pins
      • Gold Boxes
      • Gold Lighters
      • Gold Teeth
      • Gold Pins
      • Gold Key Chains
      • Gold Art Deco Jewelry
      • Gold Broken Rings
      • Gold High School Rings
      • Gold College Rings
      • Gold Champion Rings
      • Gold Class Rings
      • Dental Gold
      • Gold Bridges
      • Gold Caps
      • Gold Crowns
      • Gold Wire
      • Gold vintage jewelry
      • Gold Cameos
      • Rose Gold
      • Yellow Gold
      • Gold Anklets
      • Gold Rolex Watches
      • Gold Candle Holders
      • Gold Ingots
      • Gold Bars
      • Gold Framed Cameos
      • Gold Eyeglass Frames
      • Gold Bird Boxes
      • Gold Money Clips
      • 10 Karat Gold
      • 12 Karat Gold
      • 14 Karat Gold
      • 18 Karat Gold
      • 22 Karat Gold
      • 24 Karat Gold


      The definition of “scrap gold” refers to gold jewelry that is bought as scrap by weight to be melted and recycled into pure gold for resale. The gold value is high enough to offset the cost to recycle and refine it. Making the process worth it. Some items that we buy must contain gold regardless of the condition. The current gold market is high and we buy anything containing gold such as gold chains, coins, school rings, pendants, charms & charm bracelets, rings, gold watches, dental gold, pins, gold ingots, bars, etc. We pay cash for gold no matter what karat or color the gold is. We buy 9 Karat gold, 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 22 karat gold, and 24 karat gold. Cash paid for any gold jewelry , rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, green gold, any color its all gold and we buy it. Don’t hesitate to sell your gold if you are unsure of the karat or if it is even gold. Let gold buyers of Los Angeles near you make the call. The cash for gold buyers at South Bay Coin will evaluate your pieces and be sure you get the best price for your gold jewelry. If you are not wearing your jewelry, sell your gold for cash today.

      How Scrap is Weighed and Measured
      Scrap gold is sold by the weight in troy ounces (1 troy ounce equals 31.1 grams or 20 pennyweight (dwt) a common measurement of how gold is weighed). Explaining it further 1 pennyweight (1 dwt) is equal to 1.55 grams. 1 gram equals .64 pennyweight, 20 pennyweights of gold equals 1 troy ounce. What the purity of scrap gold is will tell you what percentage is made up of real gold and how much other metals contained in piece. For example a 14 karat wedding band contains 58.3% of pure gold (14 divided by 24). An easy way to calculate the purity and karat is to take the karat number of the jewelry item and divide by 24 (24 karat gold). Another example would be an item that is 18 karat (18k) just take (18 divided by 24). Answer 75% of the piece is pure gold. The price of gold today is at all time highs so take advantage of the gold market using our gold jewelry exchange and cash for gold service.

      Sell Your Scrap Gold and Dental Gold For The Highest Price.
      Call (310) 363-7808 for a Free Quote


      You will receive the amount you paid for the jewelry in the retail store.
      Gold buyers do not take into account the jewelry design and only are interested in determining the metal content and the purity of the gold. The reason for this is that the jewelry store has marked it up to cover their operating cost and to make a profit. Commonly the markup on jewelry is 3-5 times the value of the gold jewelry or even more in some cases. We are the only company who inspects each piece of gold jewelry we receive and determine if we can resell the item for more than scrap value. If that is the case we will pay more than the actual gold value.

      The second most common reason people are confused about is gold watches.
      When you are looking for the best place to sell a gold watch or are searching sell my watch for best price. To sell a gold watch near me remember this your watch may be 14k gold with a total weight of 3 ounces and will not equal to your watch equaling 3 ounces of gold. The gold watch has a movement that takes up weight some being thin and some being thick adding to the total weight of the watch. A deduction needs to be made for the movement or it has to be taken apart with your approval to properly evaluate and get the gold value.

      If you are searching “who buys gold” or “who buys gold in Los Angeles”? Call us at (310) 363-7808. Our team has many years of gold buying experience and thanks to our reputation as the most trusted and best place to sell gold over the last 4 decades. We are able to go a step further again to pay you the most money for your gold. Making the move to refine the gold ourselves has eliminated the middleman. When it comes to extracting gold and passing the added bonus to our customers. South Bay Coin makes it easy and profitable when your looking “where to sell my gold” Get cash for gold near me today. Be confident in selling your gold jewelry for cash to South Bay Coin and rest assured your cash for gold experience will be fast, professional, profitable, and confidential transaction.

      Find out why South Bay Coin is the BEST place to Sell Gold Jewelry and Watches. 
      Call (310) 363-7808 for a Free Quote


      Precious metals such as gold are manufactured in different karats of gold and colors such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold. The gold value or precious metal value is determined on whether the piece of jewelry is plated, gold filled or real gold. Begin by inspecting the piece closely to see if it has any discoloration or worn spots that shows another color under the gold or fading.

      Helpful Hints:
      Step 1. Look for a Stamp.
      A stamp maybe very small is usually located on the inside of the ring or on the clasp on a necklace or bracelet. A simple magnifying glass will help you to identify the mark more clearly. Examples of jewelry that is not real or fake use stamps that say GF which is gold filled, GP gold plated, HGE Heavy gold electroplated. Real gold jewelry in most cases are stamped 10k (.417), 14k (.585), 18k (.750), 22k (.916) or 24K.

      Step 2. The Magnet Test.
      Real gold is not magnetic, so if the piece of jewelry attaches to the magnet it is not real gold.

      Step 3. Using a Ceramic Plate To Test Gold
      Simply scrape the ring or piece of jewelry against the plate leaving a line. If the line appears black item is not real gold and is plated or not real.
      Our goal is to provide our customers with useful information that will help them best sell gold. The only way to be sure of the gold purity of an item is to have it tested by a professional who has the proper testing solutions or equipment. South Bay Coin will gladly test your items for free and will always be the best place to sell gold. Our gold buying company prides itself in offering and paying the highest cash prices possible in the business when it is time for you to sell gold near me. You will no longer be asking yourself, “where can I sell my gold for best price”? So call South Bay Coin at (310) 363-7808 where we make it easy and convenient to sell your gold jewelry.


      Gold market prices are based on the New York spot price of gold. The daily gold price is for 24k or pure gold only. Most jewelry is manufactured with a stamp somewhere on the piece of jewelry which shows the gold content or purity or karat. United States and Italy commonly use stamps such as 10K, 14k, 18k. European, Asian and Middle Eastern manufacturers stamp the percentage of gold content on the piece. An example would be a stamp like 417, 585, and 916 stamped on the jewelry. The price breakdown of each karat of gold and how to get the price is determined by the weight of the gold and is measured using grams, pennyweight (dwt), and ounces. At South Bay Gold and Coin Buyers we want to explain how the process works when selling your gold jewelry or used jewelry. When you are looking to sell gold for the best price look to the experts. We buy gold, silver, and platinum for immediate cash. Selling gold to a pawn shopor to pawn gold jewelry will not get you the best price. Their main business is to loan money on jewelry and since the loan is for 4 months they loan half of the gold value or jewelry valuePawn shops adjust their prices to resell the items where we pay cash for the gold and refine it ourselves. This helps us to pay more. So if you’re looking for fast cash for gold call or visit us today for a free no-obligation quote. Call (310) 363-7808 and we will assist you with any question you may have. We are rated the number one gold buyer in Los Angeles.

      Karat Hallmark Gold % Analysis
      9K .375 37.5% Lowest karat of gold
      10K .417 41.7% Low karat jewelry
      14K .585 58.3% Most common in jewelry
      16K .666 66.6% Primary used in dental gold
      18K .750 75.0% Very popular and more yellow in color
      20K .833 83.3% Popular karat used on jewelry overseas
      21K .875 87.5% Popular karat used on jewelry overseas
      22K .916 91.6% Popular karat used on jewelry overseas
      24K .999 99.9% Highest purity of gold, sold in bullion and coins

      Different Types of Gold Filled and Gold Plated Jewelry
      There are many types of jewelry sold today by jewelry manufactures and it can be confusing when you are trying to buy or choose gold jewelry to wear. These companies have become experts at depositing extremely thin layers or coatings of gold onto other metals making them have the appearance of real gold jewelry without the high cost. More recently, jewelry manufactures have applied a thicker gold plating to their gold filled jewelry, trophies, plaques, metals, and gold filled eyeglass frames to have more durability and to last longer. Here is a summary explaining the difference between each type of gold filled and gold plated jewelry.

      Gold Filled Jewelry
      Gold filled items such as rings, pins, chains, cufflinks, label pins, gold watches, gold pocket watches and eyeglass frames usually contain more gold than gold plated items and are more valuable and worth more because the gold value in it is higher in gold purity . The thin layer of gold consists of a minimum of at least 1/20th percent of the total gold weight and is usually 14k gold. The best way to determine one from another is to have them examined or tested by South Bay Coin Gold Buyers. Our company can accurately determine the value and also test to be sure your items are gold filled and not gold. Most gold filled items have a higher resistance to tarnishing. Your items may be real gold so don’t hesitate to take them in or mail in to check if they are real gold. Many customers who assumed that their gold jewelry was fake or gold filled and had no value walked out with money because it was real gold. When your dealing with a trusted gold dealer, when it’s gold we will buy it and pay you for it. Why not sell your gold filled jewelry for cash? We will buy gold filled jewelry and are the only gold buyer who buys it. If your jewelry is yellow in color let us determine the gold value and gold price for you. As always there is no charge for the jewelry appraisal. Please note that many used pocket watches are made of real gold as well as gold filled and some are extremely rare and collectable. Let us do a free evaluation for you to check if your gold and silver pieces are real or fake.

      Gold Plated Jewelry
      Gold plated jewelry (GP) contains a thinner layer of gold layered on the surface and is made of base metal (usually copper or brass) to create gold plated jewelry items. The layer is 0.05% actual gold content or less. Some gold plated jewelry items are gold chains, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Some gold plated jewelry has the lowest cost and will not sustain its color and will tarnish eventually. It has also been commonly known to irritate the skin. Real gold jewelry will not corrode and will last forever. Brass and copper will fade especially when having contact with lotions, perfumes, and everyday sweat. Gold plated jewelry is great for a special occasion and is usually used for high fashion jewelry or costume jewelry. South Bay Coin is the most trusted gold buyer and our main objective is for our clients to use our service to freely evaluate their jewelry pieces to see if it is real gold and holds any gold value. Feel free to bring in anything you have that is gold or silver in color or visit us at 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260 or call (310) 363-7808 if you have any questions.

      Jewelry Stamps and Definitions

      GF Gold Filled
      GP Gold Plated
      HGE Heavy Gold Electroplate
      Vermeil Gold Over Sterling Silver
      Gold Wash Gold Plating
      Gold Clad / Karat Clad Type of Gold Plating
      Bonded Gold Heavier Gold Plating
      10 Microns Gold Plating That is 10 Microns Thick
      Plaque Gold Plated
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