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Best Place To Sell Gold In Los Angeles

Our company will make the selling your gold process a comfortable and hassle free transaction. One of our on site jewelry appraisers will carefully test each piece to determine the karat whether its 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24 karat. Then, we will weigh all pieces according to karat and value the gold price today according to the gold spot price. We are able to pay a higher price than our competitors because we refine the gold ourselves. This cuts out the middleman allowing us to pay you more money. Sell your gold in Los Angeles today for immediate cash. We a licensed, bonded and insured. So, if you are looking for a cash for gold buyer near me location, please call or visit us today and sell jewelry to a trusted established business. We also buy sterling silver, gold coins, silver coins, designer jewelry, and all model Rolex watches.

How It Works

Make Appointment

Please call us at 310-363-7808 to schedule a date and time that works best for you. If you are unsure of a time walk-ins are always welcome.

Meet With A Buyer

Your gold jewelry will be evaluated and given an honest up-to-date market purchase price. We do our best to make generous offers.

Receive Payment

If you wish to sell your gold at that time, we are prepared to make immediate payment. We pay with cash or company check.

Customer Testimonials

Gold Jewelry We Buy

  • Gold Bracelets
  • Gold Broken Jewelry
  • Gold Watches
  • Gold School Rings
  • Gold Pocket Watches
  • Gold Medals
  • Gold Cufflinks
  • Gold Charms
  • Gold Charm Bracelets
  • Gold Lockets
  • Gold Earrings
  • Gold Pendants
  • Gold Chains
  • Gold Necklaces
  • Gold Scrap
  • Gold Bangle Bracelets
  • Gold Rings
  • Gold Wedding Bands
  • Gold Nugget Chains
  • Gold Nugget Rings
  • Gold Nugget Jewelry
  • Gold Nugget Bracelets
  • Gold Men’s Nugget
  • Gold Masonic Jewelry
  • Gold Tie Pins
  • Gold Boxes
  • Gold Lighters
  • Gold Teeth
  • Gold Pins
  • Gold Key Chains
  • Gold Art Deco Jewelry
  • Gold Broken Rings
  • Gold High School Rings
  • Gold College Rings
  • Gold Champion Rings
  • Gold Class Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold Bridges
  • Gold Caps
  • Gold Crowns
  • Gold Wire
  • Gold vintage jewelry
  • Gold Cameos
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Gold Anklets
  • Gold Rolex Watches
  • Gold Candle Holders
  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Framed Cameos
  • Gold Eyeglass Frames
  • Gold Bird Boxes
  • Gold Money Clips
  • 10 Karat Gold
  • 12 Karat Gold
  • 14 Karat Gold
  • 18 Karat Gold
  • 22 Karat Gold
  • 24 Karat Gold

We Refine The Gold Ourselves

Sell your gold directly to South Bay Gold Buyers and Coin Shop, the number one gold dealer and gold buyer is just one way to ensure our customers to get the best price for their gold jewelry. By owning our own refinery means that there is no middleman like other cash for gold places or pawn shops which guarantees that we will beat any price that you are offered. Our experienced gold buying team will guide you through the gold and silver selling process when the time has come to sell gold jewelry. South Bay Coin Cash For Gold Buyers has been around in the same location for decades building a solid reputation for trust and superior customer service. Our refinery is an experienced gold dealer and is interested in buying other precious metals such as silver and platinum. Avoid selling to a jewelry store or pawn shop because they buy for less and need to make a higher profit because they wait for a customer to resell it to. Sell your Gold to the South Bay Gold Buyers and receive immediate cash on the spot. We will buy one piece or an entire estate. Cash your scrap gold in today, no amount is too small or too large. Join our list of many satisfied customers. If you looking to sell your gold jewelry near me or have any questions please call (310) 363-7808. We are trusted partner of GoldBuyersUSA.

Looking To Sell Gold In Los Angeles

We buy gold and gold jewelry in Los Angeles of all types regardless of its karat grade, color or condition. We pay cash for yellow gold, rose gold, green gold, pink gold, dental gold, and white gold. If you are not sure of your gold’s karat please bring it in so our team can do the proper testing to determine the exact karat. After the karat is evaluated your gold will be weighed in front of you for your review and a price will be given. This will also insure you the highest gold value. A detailed list of the most common items gold is made of is listed below. Visit our Gold Exchange in Los Angeles today!

Text us a picture of your gold for a free quote (844) 423-3232

Where To Sell Gold Near Me

South Bay Coin is the most trusted gold buyer in Los Angeles. For over 40 years our in-house gold buying experts have redefined the cash for gold customer selling experience. You can sell your gold to a State licensed established business to ensure a safe, secure, confidential transaction. The price of gold today has risen to some of the highest prices in history making it a great time to receive the highest gold value possible. We are proud to be the first to grant the ability to sell directly to the gold refiner so our customers get the best price for their gold jewelry. Turn your unwanted gold jewelry, chains, rings, bracelets, silver and gold coins to the largest gold buyer in Los Angeles. Don’t mail your gold items to an online gold buyer and wait for a check or bank wire when you can get immediate cash on the spot today. Bottom line is we pay more because we can and will. Free no-obligation quote for all customers looking to sell their jewelry or luxury watches. Our Jewelry Exchange will base the prices on the current price of gold today using our gold calculator to determine the highest gold value.

Sell Gold Scrap and Dental Gold

The definition of “scrap gold” refers to gold jewelry that is bought as scrap by weight to be melted and recycled into pure gold for resale. The gold value is high enough to offset the cost to recycle and refine it. Making the process worth it. Some items that we buy must contain gold regardless of the condition. The current gold market is high and we buy anything containing gold such as gold chains, coins, school rings, pendants, charms & charm bracelets, rings, gold watches, dental gold, pins, gold ingots, bars, etc. We pay cash for gold no matter what karat or color the gold is. We buy 9 Karat gold, 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 22 karat gold, and 24 karat gold. Cash paid for any gold jewelry , rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, green gold, any color its all gold and we buy it. Don’t hesitate to sell your gold if you are unsure of the karat or if it is even gold. Let gold buyers of Los Angeles near you make the call. The cash for gold buyers at South Bay Coin will evaluate your pieces and be sure you get the best price for your gold jewelry. If you are not wearing your jewelry, sell your gold for cash today.

Best Place To Sell Gold Watches

When you are looking for the best place to sell a gold watch or are searching sell my watch for best price. To sell a gold watch near me remember this your watch may be 14k gold with a total weight of 3 ounces and will not equal to your watch equaling 3 ounces of gold. The gold watch has a movement that takes up weight some being thin and some being thick adding to the total weight of the watch. A deduction needs to be made for the movement or it has to be taken apart with your approval to properly evaluate and get the gold value.

If you are searching “who buys gold” or “who buys gold in Los Angeles”? Call us at (310) 363-7808. Our team has many years of gold buying experience and thanks to our reputation as the most trusted and best place to sell gold over the last 4 decades. We are able to go a step further again to pay you the most money for your gold. Making the move to refine the gold ourselves has eliminated the middleman. When it comes to extracting gold and passing the added bonus to our customers. South Bay Coin makes it easy and profitable when your looking “where to sell my gold” Get cash for gold near me today. Be confident in selling your gold jewelry for cash to South Bay Coin and rest assured your cash for gold experience will be fast, professional, profitable, and confidential transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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