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Sell Sterling Silver Flatware

South Bay Coin is known as the premier buyer when you are looking for the best place to sell sterling flatware. We will pay cash for sterling flatware. Sterling is 92.5% silver and usually is marked or stamped .925 or it may say Sterling. The word “Sterling” originated from Great Britain. If the piece does not say sterling or .925 it is likely not sterling and our company would not be interested in buying your items. English or foreign made sterling will have what is referenced to as a hallmark. One example in determining if the piece is an authentic piece of English Sterling would be a stamp of a lion with its right paw raised in the air.

Sell Sterling Silver Tea Sets

South Bay Coin is the most trusted sterling silver buyer in all of Los Angeles for over 22 years. Sterling Silver Tea sets are some of the most desired antique silver sets we purchase. South Bay Coin will buy your Tea Sets, Coffee Pots, Kettles, Sugar Bowls and more for the best possible price at market value. There are many factors in considering the price of your Sterling Silver Tea Sets including desirability, quality, and manufacturer. We will buy a single collection or an entire estate for the highest price. Our reputable team will make selling your Sterling Silver Tea Sets a hassle free experience. Call today for a free, no obligation quote (310) 363-7808 or visit our store located at 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260.

Why Sell Silver Now?

Most families have not used their flatware for holiday dinners for years. Cash out today and put the money to good use. If you are looking to sell your sterling silver, sterling silver flatware or sterling silver jewelry we will always pay the best price possible. The silver can also be tested by one of our experts to determine its content by using an acid test. Silver plate or electroplated silver has no resale value and the cost to refine it is too high, Sterling silver or pure silver is money in the bank and always can be sold.

Sell Sterling Silver Jewelry For Cash

Silver Bracelets
Silver Watch Links
Silver Watches
Silver Pocket Watches
Silver Pocket Watch Cases
Silver Watch Bands
Silver Pens
Silver Charms
Silver Charm Bracelets
Silver Lockets
Silver Antique Lockets
Silver Pendants
Silver Chains
Silver Necklaces
Silver Bracelets
Silver Bangle Bracelets
Silver Diamond Bracelets
Silver Chains

Silver Nugget Chains
Silver Nugget Rings
Silver Nugget Jewelry
Silver Nugget Bracelets
Silver Men’s Nugget Bracelets
Silver Men’s Bracelets
Silver Masonic Jewelry
Silver Tie Pins
Silver Cufflinks
Silver Medals
Silver Boxes
Silver Lighters
Silver Brooches
Silver Pins
Silver Key Chains
Silver Art Deco Jewelry
Silver Rings
Silver Wedding Bands

Silver Broken Rings
Silver High School Rings
Silver College Rings
Silver Championship Rings
Silver School Rings
Silver Class Rings
Sterling Silver
Silver Trays
Silver Tea Pots
Silver Creamers
Silver Coffee Pots
Silver Sugar Bowl
Silver Tea Strainer
Silver Watches
Silver Knifes
Silver Forks
Silver Serving Pieces
Silver Bowls

Silver Candle Holders
Silver Ingots
Silver Bars
Silver Earrings
Silver Framed Cameos
Silver Eyeglass Frames
Silver Bird Boxes
Silver Music Boxes
Silver Dunhill Lighters
Silver Military Medals
Silver Money Clips
Silver Tea Sets
Silver Kettles
Silver Cross
Silver Spoons
Silver and Gold Jewelry

Silver Coins
Silver Match Holder

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Sterling Silver Flatware Brands We Buy

Allan Adler
Cambridge Silver
Christofle France
Couzon Jean

Dominick & Haff
Frank Smith
Georg Jensen (Denmark)
International Silver Compnay
J A Henckels
Kirk Stieff

Ralph Lauren Flatware
Reed & Barton
Saart Brothers
Shreve & Co

Tiffany & Co
Vera Wang
WMF Flatware
Whiting Division

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Popular Sterling Silver Flatware Patterns We Buy

Chateau Rose by Alvin
Renaissance by Christofle France
Acorn by Georg Jensen (Denmark)
Cactus by Georg Jensen (Denmark)
Buttercup by Gorham
Camellia by Gorham
Chantilly by Gorham
English Gadroon by Gorham
Etruscan by Gorham
Fairfax by Gorham
Greenbrier by Gorham
King Edward by Gorham
La Scala by Gorham
Medici by Gorham
Melrose by Gorham
Old English Tipt by Gorham
Old French by Gorham
Rondo by Gorham
Rose Tiara by Gorham
Strasbourg by Gorham
1810 by International Silver Compnay
Joan of Arc by International Silver Company
Prelude by International Silver Company
Rhapsody by International Silver Company

Royal Danish by International Silver Company
Spring Glory by International Silver Company
Wild Rose by International Silver Company
Old Maryland by Kirk Stieff
Repousse by Kirk Stieff
Stieff Rose by Kirk Stieff
Williamsburg Queen Anne by Kirk Stieff
Williamsburg Shell by Kirk Stieff
Bel Chateau by Lunt
Eloquence by Lunt
Modern Victorian by Lunt
William & Mary by Lunt
Damask Rose by Oneida
Burgundy by Reed & Barton
Classic Rose by Reed & Barton
Eighteenth Century by Reed & Barton
English Chippendale by Reed & Barton
Francis I by Reed & Barton
Grande Renaissance by Reed & Barton
Hampton Court by Reed & Barton
Marlborough by Reed & Barton
Spanish Baroque by Reed & Barton
Tara by Reed & Barton
Audubon by Tiffany & Co

Chrysanthemum by Tiffany & Co
English by Tiffany & Co
Flemish by Tiffany & Co
Hamilton By Tiffany & Co
Candlelight by Towle
Chippendale by Towle
Craftsman by Towle
El Grandee by Towle
French Provincial by Towle
King Richard by Towle
Legato by Towle
Old Colonial by Towle
Old Lace by Towle
Old Master by Towle
Queen Elizabeth I by Towle
Rambler Rose by Towle
French Regency by Wallace
Golden Aegean Weave by Wallace
Grand Colonial by Wallace
Grand Baroque by Wallace
Romance of The Sea by Wallace
Rose Point by Wallace
Sir Christopher by Wallace
Stradivari by Wallace

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