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Welcome to The Cartier Jewelry Exchange the most trusted and best place to sell Cartier jewelry for the best price. We are a licensed Cartier jewelry buyer so if you are looking to “sell your Cartier jewelry” or searching “sell Cartier” or “sell my Cartier jewelry near me” or even if you are trying to find the value or worth of your Cartier jewelry, let our expert jewelry buyers assist you in securing the highest fair market value when you are selling your Cartier jewelry near you. We have the experience and necessary knowledge to value your pre-owned Cartier jewelry at the true market price. We specialize in buying Cartier jewelry from the vintage to the modern era with special interest in buying jewelry from the Cartier Love collections. We are also looking to buy pieces from the Cartier vintage jewelry collections from the 1920 art deco. Cartier pieces are well known around the world for their timeless jewelry and design and are in great demand in the pre-owned second hand market. This allows us to pay the highest prices for Cartier jewelry.

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Please complete our easy-to-use sell jewelry form and include some photos of your items or call (323) 363-7808 to speak with a jewelry buyer.

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Once our quote is accepted please schedule a private appointment with a luxury jewelry buyer for a date and time that works best for you.

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We welcome you to your private appointment where your jewelry will be evaluated and given an honest up-to-date market purchase price.

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If you sell your jewelry we are prepared to make immediate payment. Payments are made by bank wire or company check.

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Where To Sell Cartier Jewelry In Los Angeles

In today’s world there are many options for selling Cartier jewelry whether it be at a storefront location in person or to sell Cartier jewelry online. The most important factor is to find a trustworthy and reputable jewelry buyer near you. We will help you decide what is the best option for you and explore the benefits and disadvantages of other places to sell your Cartier jewelry. It will be more rewarding financially and by far the best option for you to sell to the experts who only specialize in buying and selling expensive jewelry like Cartier.

1. Auction House: Auction houses make money through commissions, as a seller of Cartier jewelry you’ll pay the auction house a commission based on the selling price of your item. The buyer also pays a commission or buyers premium. The benefits are that they also have experts who put estimates on the value and know the demand worldwide for your fine jewelry. There are also charges for professional photo’s, insurance, and shipping, all at a cost to you. Furthermore, when selling Cartier jewelry through an auction house you must be willing to wait from six months to a year for an auction date and there is always a risk your item may not sell at all. If your item does sell you will wait another 90 days for payment. Our Jewelry Exchange on the other hand, is the premier Cartier jewelry buyer online or in person and ready to pay immediate cash while ensuring the highest price. No waiting time for your money and no fees or commissions to incure. The number one priority at South Bay Coin when selling your jewelry in person is the health and safety of our customers and the commitment to provide a safe, secure and no-hassle process when selling Cartier jewelry near you.

2. Pawnshops: A pawnshop near you or a pawnshop is generally a good choice to sell ordinary gold jewelry, gold coins, or scrap gold jewelry. When selling designer jewelry from a famous luxury brand like Cartier or to sell a Cartier engagement ring, a Cartier bracelet, or selling your Cartier Love bracelet, they don’t have the expertise to properly evaluate and accurately value your items. It would be in your best interest to contact a specialist that has the knowledge in buying pre-owned Cartier jewelry and who is aware of current market resale values.

3. Craigslist: Another popular option for selling jewelry online is Craigslist but for safety reason I would avoid trying to get cash for your jewelry through Craigslist

4. Best Choice: South Bay Coin would be your best choice for you when you are looking to sell your pre-owned Cartier jewelry. Our company has been buying and selling designer jewelry since 1980. We have become the largest and most trusted company for customers looking to sell or buy pre-owned Cartier jewelry. As leading buyers of designer jewelry and watches such as Cartier we take pride in being the #1 Cartier jewelry buyer and are dedicated to providing a fast and safe way to sell Cartier jewelry online or in person. Our expert online Cartier jewelry buyers invite you to sell online and take advantage of our free no-obligation quote by completing and submitting our sell Cartier jewelry form on this page. We also offer a free quote over the phone so please give us a call at 310-363-7808 and one of our team members will be glad to help you. You are always welcome to make an appointment at our storefront location in Los Angeles. Our goal is to give great customer service and to offer the best price possible. Thank you for the opportunity to buy your beautiful Cartier jewelry and it truly will be our pleasure to make your selling experience seamless and profitable.

Text us a picture of your Cartier jewelry and watches for a free quote (844) 423-3232

How To Sell Cartier Jewelry In Los Angeles

Pre-owned Cartier jewelry as well as the Love bracelet often hold their value in the secondary market. Cartier vintage and estate jewelry are extremely valuable especially Tutti Frutti Style pieces from the Art Deco era. They are quite rare, collectable, and command the highest prices of all the vintage Cartier jewelry collections. There is a worldwide market for used Cartier jewelry and sometimes can be challenging in finding the best place to sell Cartier Jewelry. The most common question we get everyday is “How do I sell my Cartier jewelry?” or What are the steps involved in selling Cartier jewelry?” To sell your Cartier jewelry safe and quick we want to keep it as simple as possible for you to get a great price for your pre-owned jewelry.

Why Sell Cartier Jewelry to South Bay Coin

When you say it’s time to sell my Cartier jewelry the first thing I would want is to be sure I am selling to a Trusted Cartier jewelry buyer or dealer. Another important factor is that separates us from other Cartier dealers is that we are a Licensed Cartier jewelry buyer and authorized to buy and sell pre-owned, used, and vintage Cartier jewelry. As a certified Cartier jewelry buyer in the United States we are held to the highest standard and hold ourselves to elevated levels to provide superior customer service while continuing to offer the best prices when buying your Cartier jewelry. When people are looking to sell new Cartier jewelry, sell modern Cartier jewelry, sell estate Cartier jewelry, or sell vintage Cartier jewelry near me they turn to the experts at South Bay Coin. Our business is family owned and has been buying and selling all types Cartier jewelry for over 40 years. We have grown to be the largest and most trusted name in the pre-owned luxury jewelry business. South Bay Coin is the ultimate landing place for consumers to buy and sell Cartier jewelry. Our commitment is only buy and sell genuine, 100% authentic Cartier jewelry pieces. Our appraisers will certify the authenticity of each piece and guarantee 100% the pieces we buy and sell are genuine Cartier pieces. Our team will value your Cartier jewelry free of charge taking into account the condition and demand in the pre-owned market for Cartier jewelry. Sell Cartier to South Bay Coin. Experience you can trust.

Cartier has the remarkable ability to hold its value while some pieces increase tremendously in value because of worldwide brand recognition. We offer free no-obligation quotes in person, over the phone, or online and never try to persuade or pressure a customer to sell their jewelry. Even if your piece was mailed in using our free insured mail in service and for whatever reason you want your piece back we will be glad to mail it back free of charge. Our specialists take into account some important factors when putting a value on your Cartier bracelet, Cartier ring, Cartier Tank, Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet, Cartier Love bracelet, or Cartier Love ring. To help research the value and popularity of the jewelry we take into account the current prices worldwide which will help place an accurate value on your Cartier jewelry.

Why Is Cartier So Expensive?

More Reasons To Sell to Us

  • We Pay More
  • Licensed Cartier Dealers
  • Trusted Cartier Jewelry Buyers
  • We make it easy to sell pre-owned Cartier jewelry
  • No commission or fees
  • Free no-obligation quote and inspection
  • Rated #1 online Cartier Buyer
  • Same day payment

Bottom line is we are willing to pay more than our competitors because we have customers and collectors waiting to buy your pre-owned Cartier jewelry. Therefore if you are searching Google for “sell my Cartier Jewelry near me”, “sell your Cartier jewelry”, “Cartier jewelry buyer near me”, or even “where to sell my Cartier jewelry online” we are confident that you have arrived at the best place to sell Cartier jewelry near you. Contact us at 310-363-7808 if you have any concerns or questions. If you have Cartier jewelry to sell please complete the Sell Cartier Jewelry Form on this page and we will get back to you in a timely manner with a current market estimate and guide you through a safe way to sell your Cartier jewelry online or in person. We buy jewelry from all over the United States every day. Packages arrive safely fully insured for the full value. Our goal is to make the process fast, easy, and confidential. We do not share information with anyone and will make the selling experience a rewarding one.

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Cartier Jewelry

The jewelry brand Cartier is world famous and their jewelry is highly sought by private buyers and collectors who are willing to pay high premiums. Our experienced Cartier jewelry buyers love to buy vintage as well as modern Cartier jewelry. Most of the Cartier pieces we have purchased recently and through the years have been already pre-sold to our V.I.P clients on our waitlist or collectors who have been satisfied with our service and are happy to buy Cartier jewelry from us. This separates us from the competitors because we can pay the highest prices for Cartier jewelry because we have it sold before we buy it. This makes our company the best place to sell Cartier jewelry. Let us secure the highest price for you and take advantage of our free no-obligation quote. Our process of selling Cartier jewelry near you is fast, easy, and secure. We are proud to offer the best prices and same day payments in cash or bank wire. Just complete the sell Cartier jewelry form on this page or call for a free quote 310-363-7808. Just say I want to “sell my Cartier jewelry for best price” and we will take care of the details.

How Do I Sell My Pre-Owned Cartier Jewelry

Whether you choose to sell your Cartier jewelry online or visiting us at our location in Los Angeles it is always helpful to provide us with the box and paperwork to be sure what we buy is authentic and to determine a competitive market price for your pre-owned Cartier jewelry. Appointments are available to serve you just call us at 310-363-7808 and choose a time that suits you. At the time one of our Cartier jewelry buyers will inspect your jewelry and make you an instant cash offer. Selling your Cartier jewelry online for best price is another option. A key factor in determining the best price possible high quality photo taken from every angle will greatly assist us in the condition of your piece and help you to ensure the price you expect. Fill our form.

Sell My Cartier Love Bracelet In Los Angeles

One of Cartier’s most famous creations is the Cartier Love bracelet. Widely considered the “most successful collection in Cartier’s history”. The love bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever designed. So if you are searching Google for “where to sell my Cartier Love bracelet?” you are not alone. The bracelet is 18K gold and available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold and you can always buy one with diamonds. Yellow gold is the most desirable and sought after metal choice so if you are selling a yellow gold Cartier Love bracelet you will get the highest price. There are many reasons why someone would want to sell their Cartier pieces.

  1. Time to move on from a past
  2. Not your style anymore
  3. Money reasons – why have expensive jewelry in your draw. Use the money for other things
  4. Not wearing it
    Whatever the reason is to sell your Cartier Love bracelet you deserve to work with properly licensed Cartier jewelry buyers. Since 1980 our trusted Cartier Jewelry Exchange has helped thousands of satisfied customers.
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