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We Are The Trusted Coin Buyer in South Bay

If you wish to sell your silver coins or looking to sell your gold coins be confident you can count on us to provide the best prices and service in South Bay. We are the leading and most trusted gold and silver buyer in the marketplace. Thousands of satisfied customers have sold to us over the years. The South Bay Coin Dealers and Silver Dealers are experts in testing and grading your important valuables and keepsakes and always pay a fair price based on the silver price and silver spot price of the day. We are known to be the most trusted and reputable companies in the business. We are a Licensed Gold and Silver buyer as well as Bonded and Insured. Our team has over 40 years of experience purchasing high-end fine jewelry, luxury watches and precious metals. Even if you are unsure if the items you have are gold or silver it is best to bring them in for us to look at. Many people have said “I didn’t know those rings were gold” of “That gold coin is worth 1500 dollars!” Yes it is and we gladly will pay you for it. Get started today and collect those silver coins, silver chains, silver dollars, silver rings, gold rings, school rings, sterling silver, and bring them in. Call us today for an appointment of just come in and sell jewelry and coins today. FREE-No Obligation quote and no risk. We will buy one piece or an entire coin collection or gold coin collection. Your valuables will not be underestimated.

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Best Place To Sell Silver Coins For Cash

People commonly search “looking to sell my silver coins” or “sell my silver coins near me” and South Bay Coin will come up in the Google search as the best place to sell silver coins. The reason our gold and silver buying company service comes up first is we have been around for years in South Bay. Customers are ensured to receive a high level of service and respect and we are always glad to answer any questions you have. Our process is fast, easy and safe. The free appraisal and evaluation process is done directly in clear view of client to create a trusting transaction. Of course we will give you our price with no obligation to sell your coins at all. The price will be calculated on the silver price. South Bay Coin and South Bay Gold Buyers buys all types of coins including bullion coins, commemorative coins, numismatic coins, any gold pieces and all gold and silver coins. There is no charge for the appraisal so sell your coins for cash today. Immediate payment is made on the spot, no check just cash for gold and cash for silver. We are always buying Monday-Saturday. Please note that South Bay Coin does not pay a premium price for Numismatic value of silver coins. Our price is based only on the precious metal content of the coin itself.

cash for silver american eagle coin los angeles

Silver American Eagle

The American Silver Eagle is by a long shot the most well known coin on the planet. Unveiled in 1986, these 1 oz silver coins are the official bullion coin of the United States.

sell morgan dollar

Silver Dollar
(Morgan Dollar)

The Morgan dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904. It was the first silver dollar minted since production of the Seated Liberty dollar.

cash for silver canadian maple leaf coin los angeles

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

One of the most famous coins on the planet, the Silver Maple Leaf is one of not many sovereign mint bullion coins struck in .9999 pure silver on a yearly premise.

sell peace dollar for cash

Silver Dollar
(Peace Dollar)

The Peace dollar was minted from 1921 to 1928. The Peace Dollar was the last 90% silver dollar put into circulation in the United States.

cash for silver british britannia coin los angelesSilver British Britannia

These popular British coins have consistently expanded their fineness and coins gave 2013 and later brag .999 fineness. The Royal Mint, makes Silver Britannias an astounding an incentive with great potential for liquidity.

cash for silver mexican libertad coin los angeles

Silver Mexican Libertad

One of the most well known in the numismatic world is the Mexican Silver Libertad. The bullion coins are exceptionally looked for after by speculators in light of their legislature upheld weight and immaculateness.

Sell Silver Coins In Los Angeles For Best Price

South Bay Coin buys all types of silver coins such as silver dollars, dimes, and quarters as well as bullion coins and silver bars. Now is a great opportunity to take advantage of the Silver Market and sell while the prices are high. We are always buying all silver coins regardless of their condition, or country of origin. Silver coins have been around since the invention of coinage and people from all over the world have saved and collected. It is are most popular precious metal we buy. Carefully look at the list below and check to see if you may have some of those coins to sell for cash today. If you looking to sell your silver coins near me or have any questions please call (310) 363-7808.

Sell Silver Coins For Cash

Silver American Ealge
Silver America the Beautiful
Silver Barber Dime
Silver Mercury Dime
Silver Roosevelt Dime
Silver Barber Quarter
Silver Standing Liberty
Silver Washington Quarter
Silver Barber Half Dollar
Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Silver Franklin Half Dollar
Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
Silver Dollar Morgan
Silver Dollar Peace
Silver Chinese Panda
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
Silver Canadian First Special Service Force
Silver Canadian Polar Bear
Silver Canadian Big Horn Sheep
Silver Canadian Wolverine

Silver Canadian Wild Horse
Silver Canadian Five Blessings
Silver Canadian Caribou
Silver Canadian Arctic Fox
Silver Canadian Falcon
Silver Canadian Polar Bear
Silver Canadian Grizzly Bear
Silver Canadian Kraken
Silver Canadian SuperLeaf
Silver Canadian Goose
Silver Canadian Bald Eagle
Silver Australian Kangaroo
Silver Australian Lunar Mouse
Silver Australian Lunar Pig
Silver Australian Lunar Dog
Silver Australian Lunar Rooster
Silver Australian Lunar Monkey
Silver Australian Lunar Snake
Silver Australian Lunar Goat
Silver Australian Lunar Kookaburra

Silver Australian Lunar Horse
Silver Australian Lunar Tiger
Silver Australian Koala
Silver Australian Spider
Silver Australian Crocodile
Silver South African Krugerrand
Silver South African Elephant
Silver South African Lion
Silver South African Rhino
Silver British Britannia
Silver British Queens White Lion
Silver British Queens White Horse
Silver British Queens Beast Yale
Silver British Queens Falcon
Silver British Queens Black Bull
Silver British Queens Beast Lion
Silver British Queens Unicorn
Silver British Queens Beasts Red Dragon
Silver Mexican Libertad
Silver Austrian Philharmonic

If your silver coin is not listed above. We still pay the highest prices for any silver coin you may have. Our coin dealers are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call (310) 363-7808.

Gold and Silver Coin Grading Scale

Poor PO The coin is scarcely conspicuous. The date is missing and the plan has no raised edges.
Fair FR Configuration layout and date might be unmistakable enough to make out the sort of coin, however the lettering and edge is worn and might be totally gone.
Almost Good AG You ought to have the option to make out a greater amount of the letter and the structure. Edges of the coin will in any case be commonly worn.
Good G4 – G6 You can make out the general structure of the coin, however the subtleties will be frail. The edge of the coin will be progressively unmistakable.
Very Good VG – 8 – VG – 10 Medium to substantial wear, however more subtleties will be unmistakable. Model – at least 3 letters of the word Liberty will be noticeable on the Liberty coin.
Fine F -12 – F -15 Medium wear. More subtleties will be unmistakable. Model – All 7 letters of the word Liberty will be unmistakable on the Liberty coin.
Very Fine VF – 20, 25, 30, 35 Medium to light wear. Subtleties will be increasingly noticeable. Model – All 7 letters of the word Liberty will be unmistakable and solid on the Liberty coin.
Extremely Fine XF – 40 – XF – 45 Light wear will be found on high pieces of the coin. Could likewise give indications of the Mint gloss.
About/Almost Uncirculated AU – 50, 53, 55, 58 Very light wear or light hints of erosion just at the most elevated focuses. Can be mixed up as an Uncirculated coin. An AU – 58 coin could be viewed as a MS – 63 with a slight hint of wear.


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