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    Call us and request convenient date and time. Walk-in are always welcome.

    Your coins will be inspected by a professional in front of you.

    After carefully inspecting your items you will be offered the best price for your gold coins.

    Upon acceptance of our offer immediate cash is paid. If you prefer a company check or bank wire is an option.

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    I wanted to sell my Rolex as I do not wear it often. Called around for some quotes over the phone. I ended up talking with this store. They were located close to me and gave me a very good price. At the store, Bob, was awesome to deal with, a nice person with some good stories. Very opposite... then what I was use to when at the Downtown Jewelry District.I highly recommend giving these guys a call to buy or sell your more
    james C.
    I was looking to sell my Rolex Submariner since I hardly use it, due to the fact that I don't want to worry about it when I wear it & also pay for the insurance premium. Started looking online to see what they're selling for & who's a reputable company. Found a few companies back East but I wasn't... comfortable sending it via shipping. Then I found South Bay coin located in Lawndale about 25 minutes from my home & spoke to Luis via text. He was easy to talk to & made me feel comfortable. So I decided to visit their establishment. Luis said to ask for Bob. Once there, I met Bob & he introduced himself as the owner. He told me how long he's been in business & that they pay the highest fair market value for my Rolex depending on the condition. So he inspected my watch for about 10 minutes meticulously looking at my Rolex. After a detailed inspection, he made me a cash offer. I was pleasantly pleased with his cash offer. Bob is a really Great & Honest gentleman who knows the business after 20+ years. He's easy to talk to & very friendly. I felt comfortable the whole time since I've never sold anything of value like this before. If you guys are looking to get the best price for your jewelry, watch, or precious metal, then this is the place to go. You'll get an honest & fair offer. I won't hesitate to do business with Bob & South Bay Coin again in the near future. He gets my 5 more
    Chet A
    Went there today, good was weighed in front of me. Got a very fair offer. Very friendly service. I will definitely be back
    shane p
    I sold my Rolex Daytona to South Bay Coin because they paid the best price. They offer free shipping and insurance and was wired the money the same day the watch arrived. I highly recommend you check out South Bay Coin when you have a Rolex to sell.
    Lorenzo S.


    Looking to sell your gold coins? This is by far the best time to sell your gold coins. The gold price today is at and all time high so clean out the deposit box and look for your old gold coins in those hidden places. We buy all gold coins regardless of their condition, denomination or country there from. If they are gold coins we will buy them, one coin or an entire collection. Gold coins have been around since coinage was invented. Gold coins are made in different weights and sizes and contain different metal content for each. Each gold coin will be evaluated carefully to determine what percentage of gold they contain and their weight. Gold and silver coins are the most common items we receive on a daily basis. South Bay Coin is a trusted coin dealersilver dealer and a gold dealer all in one and have been in business in the same location for 22 years. We pay cash for gold coins including Gold Krugerrands, Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Gold American Eagles, Gold Mexican Coins, etc. For many years our company has been the best place to sell gold and silver coins. As a leader in the business we welcome you to visit us for a free no obligation quote today


    Our process is fast, easy and confidential. We make selling your gold coins hassle free and will buy one or two coins or an entire gold coin collection. All prices are based on the current gold price which will be given and verified to you when you come in. Now is the absolute best time to sell gold coins because of the current upsurge in the gold and silver market. We also buy any gold jewelry regardless of the age or condition. All pieces are gold tested for the correct karat of the gold by one of our team members and then weighed in front of the client for complete transparency. Gold is bought and sold by the weight and that determines the cash for gold price of the day. You will know exactly the gold value of your valuables. We pay the highest prices for gold possible for any gold coin from any country. Our refinery is the best in the business and always extract the maximum gold content from the gold you sell us to guarantee the best price for your gold and silver coins. Please note that South Bay Coin does not pay a premium price for Numismatic value of gold coins. Our price is based only on the precious metal content of the coin itself.


    Gold Coins have been around for years and have been used and traded in countries all over the world. Gold Coins have been used and traded around the world as a form of money but most of all countries stopped using them as a form of currency in 1933. The year that the world switched from using the gold standard which was caused by the Great Depression. Bottom line is we buy all gold coins for top dollar whether they are in good, fine or uncirculated condition. A gold coin that is graded as “good ” the details on the coin may be so clearly visible due to wear. A “ fine grade” coin will have a more easily readable text and show more luster or shine on the surface. Gold coins showing detail to be very sharp in color and luster. Like new as it was when it came from the mint or better known for “uncirculated”. Be sure to check out the list of gold coins we buy below and if you do not see you coin listed give us a call. If you looking to sell your gold coins near me or have any questions please call (310) 363-7808.


    • Gold American Eagle
    • Gold American Buffalo 
    • Gold American $20 Liberty 
    • Gold American Stella
    • Gold $20 Saint Gaudens
    • Gold Indian Head
    • Gold Indian Princess 
    • Gold Kangaroo
    • Gold Kookaburra
    • Gold Nugget
    • Gold Corona
    • Gold Ducat
    • Gold Philharmonic
    • Gold Britannia
    • Gold Sovereign
    • Gold Maple Leaf
    • Gold Krugerrand
    • Gold Chile 8 Escudos
    • Gold Panda
    • Gold Francs Angel
    • Gold Francs Napoleon
    • Gold Francs Rooster 
    • Gold Mexican 20 Pesos
    • Gold Mexican 50 Pesos
    • Gold Mexican Libertad
    • Gold Armenian Noah’s Ark
    • Gold Australia Dolphin
    • Gold Australia Lunar Mouse
    • Gold Australia Lunar Pig
    • Gold Australia Lunar Horse
    • Gold Australia Lunar Rooster
    • Gold Australia Lunar Goat
    • Gold Australia Lunar Snake
    • Gold Australia Lunar Dog
    • Gold Australia Lunar Monkey
    • Gold Australia Lunar Dragon
    • Gold Australia Lunar Tiger
    • Gold Australia Lunar Rabbit
    • Gold Australia Lunar Ox
    • Gold Australia Swan
    • Gold British Queens Beasts Bull
    • Gold British Queens Beasts Lion
    • Gold British Queens Beasts Yale
    • Gold British Queens Falcon
    • Gold British Queens Griffin
    • Gold British Queens Dragon
    • Gold British Queens Unicorn
    • Gold British Queens White Lion
    • Gold British Mythical Dragons
    • Gold British The Royal Arms
    • Gold British Tower of London
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Horse
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Sheep
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Monkey
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Dog
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Pig
    • Gold Bristish Year of the Rat
    • Gold Canadian Grizzly Bear
    • Gold Canadian Howling Wolf
    • Gold Canadian Growling Cougar
    • Gold Canadian Bobcat
    • Gold Canadian Moose
    • Gold Canadian Elk
    • Gold Canadian Pig
    • Gold Canadian Dog
    • Gold Canadian Monkey
    • Gold Ephraim Half Doubloon
    • Gold Isle of Man Angel
    • Gold Mexican 2 Pesos
    • Gold Mexican 5 Pesos
    • Gold Mexican 10 Pesos
    • Gold New Zealand Sovereign
    • Gold Russia Roubles Nicholas
    • Gold Somalian Elephant
    • Gold Spain Escudo

    If your gold coin is not listed above, we are still interested in buying it. We still are the best place to sell gold coins and offer the highest prices possible. A member of our coin buying staff will answer any questions you may have. Please call (310) 363-7808.


    Poor PO The coin is scarcely conspicuous. The date is missing and the plan has no raised edges.
    Fair FR Configuration layout and date might be unmistakable enough to make out the sort of coin, however the lettering and edge is worn and might be totally gone.
    Almost Good AG You ought to have the option to make out a greater amount of the letter and the structure. Edges of the coin will in any case be commonly worn.
    Good G4 – G6 You can make out the general structure of the coin, however the subtleties will be frail. The edge of the coin will be progressively unmistakable.
    Very Good VG – 8 – VG – 10 Medium to substantial wear, however more subtleties will be unmistakable. Model – at least 3 letters of the word Liberty will be noticeable on the Liberty coin.
    Fine F -12 – F -15 Medium wear. More subtleties will be unmistakable. Model – All 7 letters of the word Liberty will be unmistakable on the Liberty coin.
    Very Fine VF – 20, 25, 30, 35 Medium to light wear. Subtleties will be increasingly noticeable. Model – All 7 letters of the word Liberty will be unmistakable and solid on the Liberty coin.
    Extremely Fine XF – 40 – XF – 45 Light wear will be found on high pieces of the coin. Could likewise give indications of the Mint gloss.
    About/Almost Uncirculated AU – 50, 53, 55, 58 Very light wear or light hints of erosion just at the most elevated focuses. Can be mixed up as an Uncirculated coin. An AU – 58 coin could be viewed as a MS – 63 with a slight hint of wear.
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