Step 1: Request a Free Appraisal Kit

Simply complete the form. An appraisal kit will arrive the next day containing everything you need to safely and securely sell your gold, designer jewelry, or luxury watch online.

To speed up the process print your Free FedEx shipping label now and mail your item today and Get Paid Tomorrow!

Step 2: Safely Package Items and Ship To Us

You will want to protect your items during the shipping process so carefully package and complete the important enclosed paperwork and inventory list provided in your Appraisal Kit and bring to the nearest FedEx location.

Free Home Pick Up Available
After packaging your items using our shipping supplies call FedEx at 877-465-3697 to schedule your home pick up.

Step 3: Same Day Payment

On the same day that your package arrives at our safe and video surveillance location a member of our team will carefully evaluate your items. We are proud to be the only online buyer to make payments the same day! Why wait for your money? Sell your gold, designer jewelry, & luxury watches for the best price.

What Are My Payment Options
1) Same Day Bank Wire
2) Company Check

Coming Soon!

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