Jurgen C.
Best price for your gold! I came in and bob was really nice he weighed my gold in front of me. He offered double what other places were offering. Highly recommend coming here if you have jewelry to sell.
Geovanny N.
Beats competitions price, really good service in and out. looking forward to future business.
Diere S.
Bob is a super nice guy helped me out for the right price ! Thanks !!
Diana H.
I highly recommend this place. Out of the 12 places I called all around from the valley, Hollywood and Los Angeles area. South Bay Coin are the only ones who offered the most for my gold. Bob and his team provided the best customer service and I must say very prompt and efficient. I would rather them 100 out of 100.
Pedro O.
Bob is awesome! Honest, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He made selling some jewelry I had for years painless and easy. Check them out, great service like Bob’s is rare!
Wendy W.
Bob was the nicest, most honest man I have ever met. He has great customer service skills, and is an amazing friend. He is a blessing in my life. Thank you Bob for all of help. He gives great prices on gold and silver jewelry. I love you Bob
Jackie Z
Great svc Bob was very nice and even gave me a little more than I thought, I was so happy and Thankful I went there, I would highly recommend to others, you won’t be disappointedThank You Bob 👍👍
Penny S.
Wow, great experience with Bob and Luis. Paid top dollar for some old jewelry I no longer wear. Bob also deals in watches and diamonds. Im a returning customer for sure!
Brenda M.
Today was my second visit and this one was even more special. Bob and Richard are both amazing. Very kind, helpful, informative and worked toward helping me. I am deeply blessed and grateful to have met them and had such an incredible outcome. Thank you so much. I will be back and recommend them to all I encounter.
Egils M.
Really good service!Kind people and good prices!:)Thanks!
Chris M.
Bob is the man. Gave me the best price on my gold. Honest and a genuine great human. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Bob gave me a great deal on my gold bracelet! He was very pleasant, and kind. He was so kind that I will be coming back in the future and I highly recommend his services!
R D.
Who knew that selling gold coins could be such a pleasurable experience?!Bob and Richard are simply the best. Not only did I get a very fair price, but we were both laughing and enjoyed our conversation.These guys are 100% honest, and really will do anything to make the customer happy.Even if you have to travel 25 to 30 miles to get there, you won’t be sorry!Thanks guys!
Sandi B.
I went the other day and had an awesome experience. He is totally honest and gives you a fair price. I totally recommend!
Rafael G.
Out of the all the nearby places to sell my platinum this place gave the fairest offer. I recommend them as your first go to.
Great folks to do business with. Thnks for the candy Bob
Beverly G.
I had a wonderful time with Bob he was very fair and a pleasure to work with highly recommended . I will be back.
Jodie W.
I brought my old gold and silver jewelry to South Bay Coin and was pleasantly surprised at how much cash I received. All of the jewelry was sorted and appraised while I watched. I received honest, fair, and courteous service... Highly recommend!
james B.
He was fair and honest with me about my goods for trade...was very happy with the whole experience and I highly recommend that place!! Thanks
Daniel F.
Great place, wonderful experience and pays great price. Would definitely go again, very fast and easy process to sell my valuable metals!
Leon T.
Informative and helpful with information or with questions you may have
barbara T.
Very professional and fair. I had a very good experience. The owner helped me, I got good a price, I would recommend South Bay Coin.
Jemielle M.
Bob was great. Gave me a excellent price for my gold. I will be returning again. Most places cheat you but here they give you what you deserve for your gold.
Tori S
Everyone here was very professional and kind. Let me know the true value of my items and we’re very transparent with me. I will be coming back again soon!
Amy F.
SOLD GOLD AND COINS ! Bob and Richard are so helpful! And very kind ! Would recommend!! We’ll come back soon!
Phyllis C.
G. D.
Bob is great he gave us the best price for our jewlery he was very helpful and friendly. We highly recommend this place, definitely 5 stars .
Nicole C.
GENEROUS!!!Where do I begin?!?Bobby is so so so generous and compassionate about any and all the situations that might have brought you into the business to sell your watches and or gold/coins whatever it’s might be! He will make sure you are giving the max for your items and a little more if possible!!! He’s very fast and all around just such an amazing man 🥹 thy have been at thr location forever and ever and have one in L.A as well!!!!!He was so nice to do business with and he really want meTo walk away being absolutely 💯 satisfied and happy about ourTransactions 🥰😄NOBODY WILL OFFER YOU ANYTHING CLOSE TO WHAT BOBBY MAKES SURE YOU GET , NOBODY-Trust me , I did a lot of research before hand!!
Ali I.
Mauricio P.
Bob the owner was kind, respectful, and integrous. He assessed my items in front of me. If u need to buy or sell jewelry, then this is the place to come. I got a very fair price for the items I brought. Thx Bob
Aminatou N.
I had an emergency and wanted to sell one of my Cartier bracelets I didn’t find relevant anymore . Bob offered me a decent price for it and offers to give me more cash if I come back with the box and papers : he still bought the.bracelet and give me a fair amount of cash for it . He is a very nice human being , made me laugh and even even offered me some eye patches to freshen my skin. Best customer service.
Roshanae E.
this time I sold Bob and Toni my gold earrings and bracelet. Been coming coo r years. They always give me great cash for gold in South Bay.
Been coming here for a few years now, Bob is amazing to work with really knowledgeable and gets business done the right way.Highly recommend them, always a pleasure stopping by and selling my gold in southbay.
Judy F.
I was looking for the best place to sell my gold in South Bay. I brought in my gold earrings, neckless, gold ring , and bracelet set. They gave me a more than fair price, far better than the other quotes I got. It’s family owned, dad and son. Both Bob and Tino were friendly, professional, and informative. Wonderful customer service. I highly recommend this place.
Jim H.
Great experience. Bob is a straight shooter who will give you a fair price.
Duncan B.
I got a good price on a gold ring my wife no longer used. They were polite and helpful. Five star experience.
Great price ! Great service ! Bob weighed and tested the gold right in front of me ! Paid me cash on the spot . Very kind and friendly service !
Andreas L.
Everything was a very smooth and honest process, I got there and met with Bob the owner, and was very classy and helpful, as I went there to sell my Rolex Submariner that I hardly wear. Thank you and I will be doing future business there.
Loreen L.
honestly ! genuine ! the people in this business is to make money ❣️ business you can feel save they are knowledgeable and straight forward with does and don’t 🙏🧧😇You have a genuine selling point.
james C.
I wanted to sell my Rolex as I do not wear it often. Called around for some quotes over the phone. I ended up talking with this store. They were located close to me and gave me a very good price. At the store, Bob, was awesome to deal with, a nice person with some good stories. Very opposite then what I was use to when at the Downtown Jewelry District.I highly recommend giving these guys a call to buy or sell your Rolex.
Sabrina M.
Incredible interaction from start to end! Bob was super accommodating and made the whole process very easy. He is honest, trustworthy, and made us feel very comfortable. We will definitely be working with him again soon.
Chet A
I was looking to sell my Rolex Submariner since I hardly use it, due to the fact that I don't want to worry about it when I wear it & also pay for the insurance premium. Started looking online to see what they're selling for & who's a reputable company. Found a few companies back East but I wasn't comfortable sending it via shipping. Then I found South Bay coin located in Lawndale about 25 minutes from my home & spoke to Luis via text. He was easy to talk to & made me feel comfortable. So I decided to visit their establishment. Luis said to ask for Bob. Once there, I met Bob & he introduced himself as the owner. He told me how long he's been in business & that they pay the highest fair market value for my Rolex depending on the condition. So he inspected my watch for about 10 minutes meticulously looking at my Rolex. After a detailed inspection, he made me a cash offer. I was pleasantly pleased with his cash offer. Bob is a really Great & Honest gentleman who knows the business after 20+ years. He's easy to talk to & very friendly. I felt comfortable the whole time since I've never sold anything of value like this before. If you guys are looking to get the best price for your jewelry, watch, or precious metal, then this is the place to go. You'll get an honest & fair offer. I won't hesitate to do business with Bob & South Bay Coin again in the near future. He gets my 5 Stars.
Samrawit G.
I went to sell my gold they offered THE BEST price for my golf jewelry, if you have any gold jewelry to sell this is the best place for you!!!
Ian A.
Smooth, simple transaction! I'll definitely be coming back
greg H.
Great experience and most importantly an honest exchange. I wouldn’t waste your time going anywhere else even if you’re far out of the area. Make the drive because you could save yourself a lot of money from other potential scamming commodity buy/sellers. The owner here was all about relationship rather than a quick haggle. Really great place highly recommend.
Alexandria A.
Wonderful conversation and experience! The owners were very friendly and informative about the quality of jewelry I had.
Nick A.
Great experience. Fair price for my gold wedding ring, I really can't complain. Shout out to Bob for being an all around great guy.
Tim T.
Cuoe A.
We have held onto our grandmothers 65 pc flatware set for many years and finally decided to liquidate the complete set of flatware rather than let it sit for another decade in our garage. Bob & Lorenzo treated me fairly (I had completed a half days worth of research) combine with exceptional customer service. This is a "Top Shelf" business and I can highly recommend South Bay Coin & Gold Buyers to anyone that needs to declutter what has been accumulated over the years for cash. Thank you
leah B.
Great experience with Bob, great price and I would highly recommend! He was very helpful and kind. The store is nice and clean.
cj T.
I called 10 different places to sell my silver and South Bay Coin paid me the most money. The service was great and I would come back here again.
Nallely C.
I got a great price for my jewelry.. always come here and always have had very good service and very nice people ... I will keep coming here again
Orasio J.
I would highly recommend going to this spot. I was not sure I would get the amount I was looking for but Bob went out of his way to help me. I will definitely be coming back here.
Heidi C.
In these difficult times I had to part with a piece of great sentimental value to make ends meet and with the help of Bob all went smooth,Bob thank you for your help, I can tell you helped me with much kindness, I appreciate your gesture and honesty. Thank you!!
shane p
Went there today, good was weighed in front of me. Got a very fair offer. Very friendly service. I will definitely be back
Russ L.
Great service and very happy with the amount i got ! Thank You
Krispy the Buddha H.
Bob and Lorenzo excellent guys!!! High recommend place!!
shohei T.
Bob and Lorentzo were very fast with processing. Very good price for what I sold compared to offers from other dealers.
Great experience. Marvin and Lorenzo and stand up guys. Quick easy transaction and no lowball prices. If you're looking for a great business to support and great prices for your goods, come here.Thanks will be back again , Jeremy.
Kristy N.
This is my first time coming to this store and I am so pleased with their service. They gave me the best price compared to other places. This really makes my day ^^
Lorenzo S.
I sold my Rolex Daytona to South Bay Coin because they paid the best price. They offer free shipping and insurance and was wired the money the same day the watch arrived. I highly recommend you check out South Bay Coin when you have a Rolex to sell.
Lauren C.
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I needed to sell my krugerrand and they quoted me a great price over the phone. When I got there, they noticed that 2 of the krugerrand weren’t in as mint condition as the others but they still honored the price they quoted me on the phone. The transaction was quick, professional, and polite. The owner even walked me to my car!
Joseline L.
Sold my Gold Jewelry for the best price today. Great and fast service I was paid in cash. I’ll definitely refer South Bay Coin to my friends.
ricardo G.
Best place to sell a Rolex Watch. The price I got for my Rolex Daytona was higher than I was offered anywhere else. The fastest and easiest way to sell a watch for immediate payment! Highly recommended.
Kristina D.
Wow! Best place to sell gold jewelry. Gold prices are the highest ever so I sold some gold coins also. I did my research and got the best price at South Bay Coin.. it was an easy and stress free transaction and I was glad they paid me in cash. Great place!! I’ll be back..
Roger Santiago C.
Best price paid for my Rolex GMT. It was definitely worth the short drive from Santa Monica to get the best price. Great customer service and I was paid in cash. Highly recommended!! Thxs guys
Melissa R.
Amazing place. Definitely going back.
I had a Cartier love bracelet from a past relationship that I no longer wanted. I contacted South Bay Coin and they were very professional on the phone and said I could use their mail in service since I live in Connecticut. They gave me a great price and I got the money the same day that they received my bracelet. Thanks again....you guys are the best!!!!
If you were to go anywhere to exchange Gold this place is the place to go! Extremely kind everyone is friendly to the maximum degree and very transparent as far as anything you want handled or anything you need regarding Gold this place is the place to go to please visit five star
Gerard M.
A super nice and knowledgeable staff and owner. They also gave me top dollar after I tried a few other places.
Melissa T.
I would recommend my friends and family to come here to sell their valuables because the people here truly want the same for you! I had scouted a few different places but couldn’t get the rate I felt was fair until I met Luis!He was very polite, transparent, and informative. They have an option for you to be called back when you leave a question and his answers never changed!All my fears and anxiety about the situation was immediately out at rest when I realized that I was dealing with someone who respected me!Do not make Th e mistake of going somewhere else! Save your time and gas and just come here!!
ask B.
At a time like this we all need someone to give us a helping hand and South Bay coin is that place. I won’t lie I came into this please expect them to be ripped off but ended up getting a bottle of water , Good conversation and I was not treated like a thief who’s selling stolen items.😂Best place in the south bay to sell your old gold... They even gave me a few extra dollars.☺️
mark F.
Easy terms and good guy !
Via G.
South Bay Coin is the best!!! They helped me right away, gave me top dollar and even removed a couple of diamonds from ring for me...which my jeweler wanted to charge $20 for. Bob is awesome, explained everything and was very professional. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.
Alexander P.
Thank you South Bay Coin for helping me get the best price for my gold coins and gold jewelry. Fast and easy hassle free transaction. I would highly recommend going to South Bay Coin if you are looking to get cash for gold in Los Angeles.
Mike R.
Sold my Cartier Santos for the best price at South Bay Coin in Los Angeles. I was treated in a professional manner and was paid in cash. Very straight forward and hassle free to deal with. I would strongly recommend their service. Thank you.
marlene S.
After checking other competitors I decided to call South Bay Coin and I’m glad I did. I was guided through the process of how to mail in my Cartier watch. The process was simple and I was paid within 24 hours of them receiving my watch.
kenneth D.
After searching other locations to sell my Gold necklace & pendants, I called Luis at South Bay Coin and I’m so glad I did. He guided me through this process quickly and easily.I’m satisfied with South Bay Coin and highly recommend...
Cary R.
I sold my Fathers Rolex Submariner and got 400 dollars more than two other offers I was given, so I took it! I live in Arizona and used their mail in program. It was easy and no hassle at all. I was wired the money within hours of them receiving the watch. Thank you for helping me sell my Rolex Submariner. I highly recommend them! I seriously felt like they went out of their way to help me. Can't tell you how much I appreciated that.
Renee E.
I took some time to do my research and due diligence before visiting a gold buyer in Los Angeles, but really was drawn to their professionalism and customer care over the phone. They offered me the MOST MONEY for my GOLD JEWELRY and SILVER COINS that I had saved up for quite some time. If there’s any time to sell, I thought it would be now with this uncertainty that Corona is causing. Stay safe all, and if your going to sell, I highly recommend South Bay Coin!!
Diego S.
William G.
Carmen B.
Carrie s
So awesome and easy to deal with! Gave me more then expected!
Estuardo P.
One of the best experiences I had ... customer service was great ... Nancy was so nice and helped me out ... I recommend this place .. I'll be back again
Nathan's W.
Southbay coin service is awesome and the employees are very friendly n professional u should stop by and see for yourself....
Cristina G.
very friendly and fast service .. Nancy helps you understand the way selling gold and sliver works . very satisfied
Matthew R.
I had some gold that I wanted to sell for a while. I went online and decided to shop around. First place I went to was South Bay Coin, and they made me an offer but I still wanted to check around. After a few hours of wasting my time all around Lawndale I went back. They offered me the most out of all the places I visited and that was good with me. I do recommend it to anyone trying to sell gold.
Marco R.
i needed money to pay my phone bill "you know how that is " and i found some old, bent, broken gold that i had in a box under my bed doing nothing but wasting space so then i was like hmm maybe i can get some money from this so i went down to this pawn shop and he said yea ill give you 200 and i then said no and left when to my amusement i saw a dancing gorilla with a sign that said "we buy gold" so i checked it out when i got there the lady offered me 275 and i was like heck yeeee give me that and it didn't take long so i was happy you guys need to check it out =3
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