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It’s no secret that the price of gold is at an all time high! Seems like everywhere you turn you see advertisements regarding gold. Yes, it is true buying gold is a hot trend and many people are jumping on the gold buying band wagon, and riding it all the way to the bank! Unfortunately there are many gold buying scams going on, and we want you to be aware of them.

Beware, Selling Gold To Door To Door Buyers!

Ever come home and see a business card at your door that states “We Buy Gold”, or get a knock on your door with a stranger offering to buy your gold? I know this may appear to be common sense but I would highly advise that in no circumstance do you sell your gold to these individuals. First, its just not safe! We have heard horror stories from people who have been robbed by individuals lurking their neighborhoods offering to buy gold. Many of these so called gold buyers are surveying neighborhoods targeting potential homes to burglarize! We highly suggest that you don’t show them any of your jewelry, don’t even ask for a quote.

South Bay Coin Armored Truck

We have been in the gold buying business since the 1990’s and have a good standing with the State of California and the Southbay area! If you are interested in selling your gold you can either drive to our LOCATION or call US and make an appointment for our gold truck to come to you! We have a full service armored truck that is available on an appointment basis. We understand your busy schedule, that’s why we have invested in an actual armored truck, it is safe, easy, fast, and reliable!

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