Gas On The Rise, Gold On The Rise

By Kristopher

With the price of gas at an all time high, many individuals are struggling to get that gas tank from empty to full. Lets face it, operating a vehicle in Los Angeles, Ca is absolutely necessary, however should not be a luxury. Many experts predict that the average cost of gas could be over $5.50 a gallon this coming summer.  Leaving many with no choice but to post pone or cancel their annual vacation.

At South Bay Coin we feel your pain at the pump and are here to help. The price of gold has more than tripled within the last several years and many experts believe it has reached it’s highest. Did you know most people are not aware that they own gold jewelry until someone brings it to their attention? Rather than have your gold collecting dust in that jewelry box, cash it in!

Don’t let the price of gas interfere with your summer plans. Rather sell your gold and receive a high payout for it. The price of gold has reached historic highs, take advantage of this gold rush and receive cash for your gold at South Bay Coin.



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