Cash In Your Gold Before Its Too Late

cash in your gold before its too lateAs the year draws to an end we have seen the price of gold from nearly $1,700 at the beginning of the year, to it’s current price of $1,278. The price of gold has dropped over $500 this year and some experts believe gold will continue drop. Cash in your gold before its too late!

As prices continue to drop, now maybe the time to sell any unwanted jewelry you may have. It’s simple the higher the price of gold is the higher your payout is. However the lower the price of gold is, the lower your payout will be.

Don’t mail in your jewelry to a stranger! Unlike those mail in firms that promise to pay you the most money, we take the time to properly evaluate your jewelry. Our gold brokers will determine the karat of your jewelry and make you a cash offer to buy it.

We pay cash for the following:

  1. 10k,14k, 18k Jewelry
  2. 22k Gold Bullion Coins
  3. Authentic Tiffany & Co Jewelry
  4. Silver Bullion Coins & Bars
  5. Authentic Rolex, Omega, Cartier Watches

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