Pay Day Loans

pay day loansNeed fast cash? Short on rent? Short on bills? Get $255 cash immediately! South Bay Coin offers Pay Day Loans! Pay Day Loans also known as Cash Advance are a great alternative to get fast cash when you have unexpected expenses. Qualifying for a Pay Day Loan is easy, and the best part is no credit check is required! With foreclosures, and repossessions at an all time high let’s face who has good credit now a days! Our mission at South Bay Coin is to ensure customer satisfaction.

How It Works:

You write us a personal check for the loan amount, plus service fee. Post date the check for two weeks, near your payday. Once pay day comes we simply deposit your check. We understand that emergency come up, South Bay Coin is committed to helping you during financial hardships. We offer competitive rates please see fee chart below for details.

Pay Day Loan Rates:

Pay Day Loan Chart






Requirements For Pay Day Loans:

  • Active Checking Account
  • Most Recent Bank Statements
  • Most Recent Pay Check Stubs
  • Debit Card
  • Valid Identification (State ID, Drivers License, Matricula Consular, Passport)
  • Utility Bill

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